*FALL 2020 Changes*

  • Courses have gone online at YorkU

  • There are now 2 midterms and 1 final entirely online.

  • This changes how course material is covered on the exams.

  • Keep in mind any past midterms & finals covered on this site are based on the old course structure (1 midterm & 1 final)

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  • Midterm 1 Video Tutorials: Time Value of Money & Bonds
  • Midterm 2 Video Tutorials: Stocks, NPV, Capital Budgeting, Project Anlysis
  • Winter 2014 & Fall 2014 Midterms with Solutions
  • Final Exam Video Tutorials: Risk & Return, WACC & Working Capital
  • Fall 2014 & 2016 Final Exam with Full Video Solutions
  • Learn How to Use the BAII Plus Calculator

Tutorials & Exam Solutions Videos Utilize The 
Texas Instruments BAII Plus Financial Calculator.

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